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Potlucks... We've Been Slacking

November 25, 2014

So, we had big plans to do a Cinco de Mayo as well as a Feast of San Gennaro Potluck. Didn't happen. But Halloween did! (And of course we are a little behind posting about it...sigh.)


Too. Much. Food. (again)


Peanut butter eyeballs, made from scratch.


Sweet casket gingerbread cookies.


We have some talented bakers.


Jack-o-taco dip.


Lauren as "The Google."


MissionTix, dressed as MissionTix-er Evan.


The runners-up: The Todds, featuring Ashleigh, Danielle and Todd.


And our winner, Jay! Dressed as himself, circa 1986, as a Baltimore Blast goalie.

Next potluck on the horizon? Who knows...January does boast holidays such as "Bean Day" (1/6) and "National Cornchip Day" (1/29), so we have a lot of options.