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Viocity Group Brand Identity and Website

Relating to a Brand for its Potential Beyond Immediate Perception

Not every client or project that comes our way seems like an immediate fit on face value. Sometimes, we have to dig in a bit to see what the real potential could be in deciding if we are right for each other. This was the case with Herr & Sacco, Inc. They were a leading regional industrial design and fabrication company with a 70 year legacy that came to us initially looking for a new website a little over a year ago. As such, they didn’t really fit one of our target business verticals of sports, arts & entertainment, destinations & attractions, consumer brands or education/non-profit. So we met with them to learn more. In doing so, we saw the potential to elevate the brand entirely, and create a more emotional, human focus that transcends the products and services shared with their competitors.

It was important to be reverent to the company’s history and legacy while looking to the future. We undertook the process of creating a new umbrella brand and even invented a new word in the new name Viocity, intended to define a general sense of life, energy and movement. The word is abstracted from the idea of viability or potential, velocity or forward momentum, and synchronicity or dynamic yet cohesive solutions and services.

This process has already positioned and inspired the company for growth, including the recent acquisition of R.S. Reidenbaugh Corp, a leader in electrical engineering, construction and installation with its own 87-year legacy in the region. Over the past year, we have been working to organize this broad new range of capabilities under a unified family of companies that complement each other in support of diverse client needs. Their longtime, valued customers will be able to depend on the same quality of service they have come to trust, with access now to a far greater depth of offerings through a single partner.

This month, we launched the new Viocity Group website, encompassing the rebranding and alignment of each of its three divisions: H&S Industrial, Nitro Cutting and RSR Electric

This is a lesson in recognizing brand potential beyond a specific product, and looking beyond a client’s perceived immediate needs to help guide them to bigger and better opportunities.


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