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New Face and a New Space: Part 2

March 27, 2014

Well, it’s been five weeks since our first renovation post…and we still haven’t moved back into our new home. But we are so close. Loose ends are being tied up and electricity is being dropped down (for the new floating workspaces!). We may be without a kitchen and bathroom for a bit longer, but that won’t stop our migration back downstairs. Fingers crossed for next week…

A sweet (fish tank, anyone?) new window now lets the light through:

A happy blue has been introduced into the mix:

The new hole-in-the-wall is quite literally that:

Brand spanking new dog-pee-less carpet is in:

And, naturally, the bobbles are back in place:

Not sure how many people are still left in the “guess-how-many-weeks-construction-will-take” contest, but sadly a lot have already been eliminated. Alas, so goes the normal project timeline of many a typical renovation. Hopefully, the “New Face and a New Space: Part 3” post will celebrate our move-in!