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Just Launched: STX Custom Builder

July 28, 2014

Mission is excited to announce the new and improved STX Custom Builder website! With the launch of a new 2015 product line for lacrosse and the addition of custom field hockey sticks and uniforms, Mission and STX had the perfect opportunity to improve the design and functionality of the Custom Builder site.

STX Custom Builder Landing Page

What better way to showcase brand new products than to allow players, coaches and retailers the opportunity to fully customize their gear? One major upgrade was to the login process; when a user comes to the login screen of the Custom Builder, he or she is prompted to either login or create an account. Creating an account gives the user a variety of options within the builder.

Players are able to access all of the products, customize each zone, and share designs via email or social media. Not only does this allow a player to send an email to his or her coach showcasing an option for custom team gear, it also gives STX the ability to see how its target market is using the site and what designs are being shared on social media. For a coach or retailer, the addition of the login function gives them the ability to easily save and load previous orders.

STX Custom Builder Jerseys

The aesthetics of the website underwent a revamp as well. Mission designed the home page so that STX could have the ability to showcase new products via customized banners on the page. For example, when field hockey season approaches, Mission can easily design multiple banners for the site so that the user is prompted to check out the newest sticks that STX has to offer. Additionally, we updated the navigation of the Custom Builder to match the navigation of, ensuring the user knows they are still within an STX site.

STX also added 54 new products to the Custom Builder, including the Men's 2015 Lacrosse Cell III Protection, 9 Field Hockey Sticks, 40 Men's and Women's Uniforms, and the Women's 2015 Lacrosse 4Sight View Goggles. Each of those new products has multiple zones that are customizable. For example, the men's Cell III Arm Guard includes 11 customizable zones on just that product alone. So with the 54 new products added, there are 1,044 brand new customizable zones on the site. The variety of products and amount of custom zones offered to the user engages them on the website for longer than just a few clicks.

Custom Builder Detail

Check out the new offerings and have some fun building your own gear at