Niermann Weeks

Melding antiquity & modernity for any space

When an incredibly creative and meticulous furniture design house asked us to to evolve their identity and revamp their visual brand, we approached it with tremendous thought and respect. Niermann Weeks' handmade, traditional furnishings meld antiquity and modernity for any space. Their pieces are beautifully layered with textures, finishes and every considered details. We wanted their identity to reflect the quality, intricacy, and craftsmanship of their process and products.

With a brand language that tells a story of classic and vintage inspiration, our system locks the logo to the top of their materials to represent the idea that their furniture is routed in a traditional style. Cropping the logo in a unique, modern and unexpected way reflects the more whimsical side of their furnishings, often pairing it with an intricate lattice pattern structurally reminiscent the company's stunning metal work. We focused on making all of Niermann Weeks' branded collateral feel personal, custom-crafted, and tactile, blending retro sophistication with modern simplicity in a visual brand that always compliments, and never overpowers, the beauty of the furniture.


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Consumer Goods

Online HQ


Restrained Elegance

The entire NW identity system is quiet and authentic, allowing both the words and images to bask in the spotlight.

The design process at NW is incredibly personal. We exemplified this intimacy by incorporating the designer's notes in the Amanda Nisbett "AND" catalog which features unique, hand-applied finishes that fuel the theme.

Product Catalog

An overall sense of sophistication and whimsy created by a melting pot of vintage, deco, and modern.

Digital Catalog

Our goal was to create a virtual showroom that continued the theme of art as hero.

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