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Mission Experience


Mission Experience is an experiential and place-based interactive company. It was formed as an adjunct to Mission, an award winning independent branding and digital agency. Mission is led by a former global branding executive with years of experiential brand expertise, and a production/operations executive with major brand activations in entertainment and sports venues.

Memorable Experiences.
Measurable Results.
How We Help

Mission's Experience team designs and creates interactive, immersive engagements and environments within events, exhibitions and place-based brand activations that take the consumer experience to immersive and memorable levels- and always measurable. We transform these evolving platforms, through unique content and technologies, into cutting-edge experiences that disrupt perceptions, generate high-value ROI, and further brand stories with lasting impact. Our creative technology is proven, and backed by the creative chops many of our competitors lack.

Memorable Experiences.
Measurable Results.
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Projection Mapping
  • Social Media Integration & Sharing
  • Oculus Rift / VR
  • Unity 3D and Gaming Environments
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • & other Micro-controller Interfaces
  • Gesture / Motion Tracking
  • Face Tracking/Facial Recognition
  • Sensor (Active and Passive) Integration
  • Show Control DMX and Integrated SFX
  • IR / Capacitive Touch
  • Multiscreen Interaction
  • Mobile Device and Platform Integration
  • Registration & Analytics Data Capture/CMS
  • Custom Audience Povlling
  • Custom Feedback Modules
  • Content/Experience Customization
  • Activity Tracking
  • Social Metrics/Custom Dashboard