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Your Agency Should Be a Partner, Not Just a Vendor

June 3, 2014

Extraordinary duos influence our lives everywhere you look. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, famous partnerships are responsible for the music we listen to, the entertainment we enjoy, and the luxuries we take for granted. Think about it. How would music be different today if it wasn’t for Sonny and Cher or Simon and Garfunkel? How would we navigate the world around us if Larry Page and Sergey Brin hadn’t co-founded Google?

Partnerships are key to any prosperous venture because they allow for collaboration, debate and a wider pool of talents and ideas. Below are three reasons why a strong, healthy partnership between a client and agency is imperative to the design and digital process.


You’re the expert on your brand; we’re the experts on branding.

No one knows your company or product better than you do. You live and breathe your history, your successes and failures, and your strengths and your flaws every day. You will ultimately know what will work for your company and why. With that being said, an outsider taking a fresh look at your brand can offer an invaluable perspective and may even unearth aspects of your business you weren’t aware of. This insight – coupled with an understanding of industry trends, audience behavior and a talent for creative – can transform your knowledge into something with a pulse.


You know your comfort zone; we know how to push you outside of it.

Embarking on a brand exploration or website redevelopment can be overwhelming. You may be inclined to SWWYK (stick with what you know). Although they may be tried and true, relying on practices from years ago will cause your brand or website to become stale while your competitors’ are evolving. In these modern times, virtually anything is possible and the most memorable companies are those willing to take risks. Yet, every risk should be well informed and grounded in strategy. Your knowledge of what works for your company, your audiences and your goals must be the foundation of even the most radical of ideas.


You establish the goals and focus; we develop strategy and tactics to make them a reality.

The first step to any design or digital project is exploration. We need to know your marketing challenges and goals to create a solution that works for your business now as well as in the future. In the most innovative and successful marketing ventures, knowledge-sharing lasts throughout the entire project and is a continuous give-and-take.


The takeaway? Anyone can list requirements and have marketing materials produced. But this type of vendor-customer relationship will never lead to the type of marketing epiphanies that turn an everyday business into a brand. Trust your agency and build a partnership…and you will see the results improve ten-fold.