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Throw Another Blog On The Fire

December 5, 2013

Blogging has been around since early man followed the great herds across land bridges that have been long erased by time. Let's trace its growth in popular culture...

As an ancient practice forgotten and laid to rest in the earth for eons, blogging re-emerged centuries after the third Ice Age as a means for hunter/gatherer societies to discuss herd migration, the path of the stars and laws of their deities. Blogging was all but eradicated again in 1440, when Steve Guttenberg invented the first digital printing press. The world quickly forgot their traditional ways of communication. Suddenly pamphlets, newsletters and flyers began to flood the streets of medieval society, and it remained that way for hundreds of years.

Then Al Gore invented the Internet in 2003. 

Computers - which until this point were seen as a mere means of creating spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations - were now looked at as a viable means of communication or entertainment. Fast-forward through years of trial and error, and Mission is pleased to reintroduce the world to a traditional Mesopotamian-style blog.

Our hope is to share our thoughts on creativity and trends, and hopefully our own inspirations. So please feel free to read, view and enjoy our perspectives on the world.