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The Curious(er) Characteristics of an Account Manager

January 27, 2014

Curious Alice in Wonderland The quote “Curioser and Curioser” can originally be attributed to Alice – of acclaimed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland fame – who exclaims this as she shoots up to a wondrous nine feet tall after downing some of that oh-so-tempting cake. Throughout the years, journalists and writers have borrowed the phrase to emphasize things that they simply were at a loss to explain, often having to do with questionable calls by NFL coaches or the misguided decisions of political figures.

In the world of marketing, however, I’m proposing that these simple (though somewhat nonsensical) words most aptly describe the key trait of a solid Account Manager at a smallish agency. While writers pepper the phrase with negative undertones, I think of it as quite the opposite – and purposely hire individuals that have that glint of a natural quest for “curioser-ness” in their eye.

Unless your agency specializes in one niche category, an account leader will also constantly be thinking about many different types of clients every day…and must find each client’s business and business challenges uniquely interesting. Curiosity is what keeps us motivated to keep learning and to hone new strategies. A natural intrigue, coupled with dogged determination, emboldens us to reach beyond the obvious toward that pinnacle idea that facilitates the brand story and cements the emotional connection between the consumer and the client’s brand.  (Whew…that was quite an exhausting sentence.)

You simply can’t feign curiosity. You either have the natural tendency to want to continue to discover, or you’re complacent with what you already know. And as the bold and inquisitive Alice proves to us in the classic tale, following a curioser path can lead to unexpectedly interesting, as well as delightful, outcomes.

Suzanne Rothrock

Principal/Accounts & Strategy Director

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