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Some Musings From the Mind of a Programmer

August 12, 2014

Programming…the haphazard logicality that runs our websites, apps, games, applications and so on. Programming spans many languages, such as PHP, C# and ColdFusion, each having their own unique syntax, functions and protocols. Many companies lean heavily toward one or two languages, encouraging staff to learn multiple languages to become irreplaceable and thus essential. Specifically in web-related jobs, knowing production or programming (or even some of each) can easily make you that “go-to” person in any company. Additionally, multiple CMS’s have flooded the market, each with its own unique audience, such as the very popular “WordPress.”

Particularly within the technical market, ideology and processes are constantly changing. New solutions to old problems are solved daily and shared on Internet forums. Emerging technologies change and shape our way of thinking. For example, the sudden rise of smartphones has created a whole new market: mobile. More websites are now responsive and/or mobile friendly, and some are specifically catering more to the mobile market. This sudden shift in audience has opened the door to new opportunities for users to have the best experience, regardless of their viewing device.

You might be asking yourself, what exactly about programming is so exciting? With the market constantly changing, what’s the catch? Everyone in the industry has his or her own distinct answer, but mine is rather simple: human logic. Want to create a function that returns the sum of two or more numbers? That could be written in 1,000 different ways, each with the same result? Obviously, some implementations would be more effective and easier to maintain, which brings me to my next point.

Humans strive to learn, mostly by trial and error. The way I would write a function or code today might be very different in a week’s time. I sometimes look back at code I have written a while ago, only to think, “Hey I could have done it better this way, or instead used this approach.” So why the sudden change in thinking, you ask? To put it quite simply, it’s knowledge.

As you might well know from watching “House of Cards,” knowledge is power. The more you know about a language (or anything in life really) the easier it becomes to tackle a problem in the most sensible and logical manner possible That’s what I push myself to do every day. It’s a non-reachable goal that’s constantly evolving, but that’s the whole point, right?