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Potlucks...Our New Thing

March 20, 2014

Mission’s 1st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Potluck took place on St. Patrick’s Day (obviously) and was out of control.

Too. Much. Food.

St Pattys Table

Including green deviled eggs.

Green Eggs

Of course, some good old Guinness.

Amazing mint-chocolate whoopee pies.

Mint Pies

A lady leprechaun!

Lady Leprechaun

A big thanks to the cooks, bakers and lamb cake makers.

Lamb Cake

Feasting…we do it well.

St Pattys Group Shot

We can’t wait for Mission’s 1st Annual Cinco de Mayo Potluck…bring on the tacos! (To be followed by Mission’s 1st Annual Feast of San Gennaro Potluck. Can you say meatballs?)