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New Face and a New Space: Part 1

February 20, 2014

After the launch of our sparkly new site ( in December, we decided we needed some new digs as well. And that process is coming along swimmingly! In an effort to jump on the knock-all-the-walls-down-for-open-space-and-encourage-collaboration decorating bandwagon, we are doing just that.

All our cubicles are gone:

New offices are being built:

A giant hole will be blown through this brick wall:

But we will have a new private “panic room” for quiet phone calls or meetings:

And don’t worry, the bobbleheads will make a comeback in the renovated space:

We currently have an office contest running to guess how many weeks it will take until we move back into the new and improved space…and the guesses ranged everywhere from three weeks to three months. So we will keep you posted!

We look forward to showing off the new space on your next trip in to see us!