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Just Launched: Charm TV

December 3, 2014

When Baltimore City set out to make a drastic change to its long-standing public access channel, TV25, the importance of a broader digital platform to showcase content was not underestimated. With an investment in high-production value, original, Primetime programming focused on depicting the “Essence of Baltimore,” coupled with a keen eye on government access and transparency, the management at the newly appointed CharmTV understood that Comcast alone could only reach a fraction of the intended Baltimore City audience. Mission was engaged to design and build a responsive website to tell the CharmTV story, and to deliver content seamlessly across all devices.

The website design reflects the energy and vibrancy of the new CharmTV, bringing to light the best our city has to offer. However, it might be what’s “behind the scenes” that’s truly the most remarkable element of the site. The talented technical crew at Mission – comprised of individuals typically found toiling away in relative obscurity, yet who, quite literally, bear the responsibility of “making things work” – conceptualized and developed a client-friendly tool to easily manage the display of the program schedule comprised of 168 hours of programing a week, 52 weeks a year. They also integrated content throughout the Content Management System to link relevant information in a way that embraces simplicity and maximizes user experience for both the individual managing the content and the end user.

Check out how it all came together at