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The Gift Guide for Every Creative Professional

December 6, 2013

1. PicoBrew Zymatic: Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance: We all know the only reason designers home brew is to design their own labels.

2. Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper: For decades, designers have been craving a less time-efficient way to brew coffee. Finally, we have it. 

3. No. 002: Modern Muskoka Chair (Concrete and Steel): To be fair, when you spend 80 hours a week in a desk chair, your standards for comfort plummet deeper than the morals of a man who brews coffee in a drip pot.

4. Michael James Moran Woodworked Objects: We don't own tools, nor do we have any use for them, but we can totally appreciate the beauty and timelessness of their utilitarian forms…in the form of an absolutely unusable sculpture.

5. Nike+ Fuelband SE: Let's face it, you'd rather sit home analyzing the natural kerning of your handwriting from your 8th grade diary than go out for a run…but it's so well designed. MUST OWN NOW. 

6. Limited Special Edition: Leica M9-P ‘Edition Hermès': To take pictures of all of our other extremely expensive stuff. Plus, it's a great backup if Instagram ever goes down!

7. Menswear Inspired Womenswear: Women's Lib

"A Woman can do anything she puts her pants to." -  Joe Brainard

8. H.E. by Mango F/W 13' photographed by The Sartorialist: Save yourself from hours and hours of staring in the mirror every morning wondering "Is this The Sartorlialist worthy?"

9. Marc Jacobs Panther Printed Scarf: Because nothings says "I need a raise" like buying a $595 scarf.