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Inside Mission: From Intern to Programmer

December 17, 2013

As my internship was coming to a close in 2012, I was asked to answer a few questions. Over a year later and no longer an intern, I was asked to read over my responses and share how they may have changed. Now as a seasoned member of the Mission team, I have quite a different view on many topics, from responsive design to the benefits that a constructure argument can have on the creative process. 

My Favorite Project: Integrating Responsive Design 

My favorite project thus far at Mission would hands-down be Miss Shirley’s. It was the first project where a full desktop, tablet and mobile version of the website was created in parallel. The future of websites is integrating responsive designs so every user gets a great experience. Just like email, more and more individuals are viewing content on their smart phones, and we as designers and developers need to be ready for this new era.

Miss Shirley's Responsive Website


Best Take Away: Building Strong Relationships

Looking back at my 2012 post again, my best takeaway was to get to know the team. I completely stand by this statement today. I cannot stress how important it is to develop great working relationships with your colleagues. Having the ability to have a constructive argument leads to better decisions, and ultimately a better product for the client. 

Everyone has unique ideas, and should be able to express them effectively. I always feel like my voice matters, which helps with my personal morale tremendously. I will add another takeaway for this article. It’s the simple idea of making project decisions by yourself and being confident in them. Knowing your boss trusts you to make decisions on a project is powerful, yet honestly a little scary. However, I think it’s a vital part in creating a healthy relationship at work, with colleagues and bosses alike.