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Employee Spotlight: Shaun Bingham

July 21, 2015

Position: Senior Designer (and moonlighting Photographer)

Start Date: This is actually my second spin around the block at Mission. All in all, I've been here about six years.

Favorite book or film: I hate picking favorites, but I'm a sucker for Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Never Ending Story and Legend.

Favorite Website: Currently,, although I think it's mostly made up of things found on

Strangest thing I've seen in Baltimore: Once, when Mission was located in Mt. Vernon, I was walking up North Charles wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat. I noticed an old(ish) lady staring at me, so I said hello. Her face transformed into a horrible scowl and she screamed, “You can't touch me like that! Don't think I don't know what that ‘P’ on your hat means!” She then proceeded to attempt to spank me, so I ran the rest of the way to work. Not gonna lie…I was scared. 

Hidden Talent: I’m pretty good at making really horrible faces in the background of other people’s pictures. Or as the young kids call it nowadays, photo-bombing.

On a Saturday night I am: Hanging out with my wife and dog watching TV with the sound of a baby monitor humming in the background.