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Easily Blend In With The Crowd By Using Popular Stock Images!

January 16, 2014

Stock Photos

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to blend in with mediocre websites and print ads? The quickest and easiest way to not stand out and have your information and message glazed over is to skimp on your budget and planning for imagery in your next advertising adventure.

Stock images can be utilized as "filler" to bulk up a website. They can even enable some companies to capture that image that they wouldn’t normally be able to due to physical or financial restraints. If necessary, as a last resort stock images can often pull a "stuck" website out of a bind. However, one of the biggest mistakes many companies make is not budgeting or planning for custom photography when they can and should use it.

By having your images be custom shot, you can tailor them to tell the exact story that you are trying to illustrate.  The models in the images, the locations, the attire, etc. are all hand-picked and in there for a reason. You are helping the target demographic write their own story in a glance at your ad or website. Along with having an image tailored to tell the exact story you are telling, you are going to end up with images unique to your brand and your ad.

Let's say you run a gym and are looking to catch the eye of prospective clients around the holidays and New Year's. A quick search on for “active,” sorted by most popular, will yield results of attractive and fit models of all ages; the images show healthy lifestyles and how happy these models are. I bet you're thinking this sounds like a selling point, however...  

Upon clicking the first image, you’ll see that although it is a great photo and may be showing exactly what you want it to show, it has been downloaded 12,000 times. For a full res version of the image, it costs $91.00. You are paying almost $100 for an image that has potentially been seen 12,000 times before it’s even been used on your own site. Now you have to ask yourself, is that image still worth that amount of money? That money could have been put toward a photography budget where you end up with multiple images all unique to your brand and story.  

So if your site or ad has witnessed a crime and is looking to hide out, by all means fill it with as much stock photography as you can. It's guaranteed to blend right in to the crowd.