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BetaCity: Investing in Baltimore's Future

September 24, 2015

Here at Mission we’re excited about a lot of things happening this fall...besides Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and the humidity point occasionally dropping below 97%.

Most recently, we are excited for Greg Cangialosi, CEO of our affiliate company, MissionTix, and the innovation, creation, and celebration that he and his team at BetaMore ( are bringing to Baltimore this October when the inaugural BetaCity event will take place.

BetaMore is a co-working campus built for bringing entrepreneurs, thinkers, and aspiring businesses together to connect ideas, resources, and goals to build a better Baltimore and support system of likeminded, goal-oriented individuals. BetaCity is a result of BetaMore’s partnership with Plank Industries, Startup Maryland, and Baltimore and together, the companies are hosting the event on October 1.

The BetaCity event will give startups opportunities to pitch to the nation’s top investors. Attendees will also get an exclusive look at the new City Garage innovation space, and of course the chance to network and connect with entrepreneurs and thinkers who share a common goal to help grow Baltimore reach its potential to be the city of innovation, potential, and opportunity.

If you want to jump on the innovation train, you can buy your tickets here: The purchase of your ticket will help support more great events like BetaCity!