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Tweet to Compete: How Your Business Can Benefit From Twitter Cards

July 14, 2015

Say you want to send out a tweet for your business, but you want to engage your followers with more than 140 characters. Well, with Twitter Cards you can attach media-rich content such as photos, videos, links to your site, apps, and other media experiences.

Twitter Cards allow your followers to re-tweet your posts, which in turn drives their friends and followers to your site because it’s linked to the tweet. All you have to do is add a few lines of HTML to your webpage. There are five different card types; each serves a different purpose.

Summary Card

A Summary Card is generally used for blog posts and news articles. You would use this in order to drive traffic if you were mentioned in a news article or your company posted to your blog. This type of card is designed to give the reader a preview of the content before clicking through.

Summary Card with Large Image

Most companies utilize this type of card when they have photo-rich content and want to share it. This kind of Twitter Card does a really great job of driving end-users to downloading your app. (If you have one, that is.) It is designed to give the reader a rich photo experience, and clicking on the image brings the user to your website. 


App Card

The App Card is a great way for you to interest your followers in downloading your mobile app. It showcases the rating and price for your app, as well as the name, description, and icon. You want to include a call-out for end-users to download your app. This Twitter Card also includes a button that will take mobile users directly to the app store to download your app.


Player Card

The Player Card allows you to include a video in your tweet. Companies use this incredible opportunity when they want to showcase audio or video they have. The videos are usually no longer than thirty seconds to a minute because our attention can only span for so long. ESPN, news outlets, and other such organizations utilize this card to show clips of games, news stories, and commercials. Just be sure that you aren’t violating the approval guide!



Lead Generation Cards

Now, let’s talk about the Lead Generation Card. This kind of card is very useful for businesses that want to stock up on contacts for potential customers. The Lead Generation Card allows users to post their contact information to your post without having to fill out a form, or even leave Twitter. Check out the image below to see an example of how this would look. Unlike the other card options, the Lead Generation Card is not free for businesses to use in promoted posts. However, it is free to pair a Lead Generation Card with a non-promoted post. Click here to learn how.

Businesses really like Twitter Cards because they stand out in a stream of tweets, decreasing the likelihood that your tweet will be skimmed over without any views or interaction. Another benefit of using Twitter Cards is Twitter Card Analytics that allow you to keep track of overall tweets, impressions, and clicks in a given date range.

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