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The overall goal of the Marketing Intern will be to assist and support the Marketing and Development team to identify potential new leads, prospective clients, verticals and projects. In addition, this position will help identify new prospecting tools and make recommendations to maximize Mission's existing CRM.

The Marketing Intern will also assist with recommendations regarding effective communication methods to reach targeted prospects and on occasion communicate directly with leads, participate with the sales cycle and assist with the development of sales materials and proposals. 


  1. Research agency new business tools and make recommendations for adoption.
  2. Research and support Mission's use of Salesforce CRM and make recommendation to futher it's effectiveness.
  3. Assist and support outbound marketing strategies and tactics that aligns with Mission's key veritcals. 
  4. Support the delivery of approved communication to key verticals. 
  5. Support the development of new sales pitch presentations.
  6. Support the analysis of outreach results. 
  7. Communicate and update Mission staff on new business progress.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

General Responsibility

  1. Be a positive and professional representative.
  2. Maintain confidentiality of all data and proprietary information.
  3. Communicate with internal staff.


  1. College business and/or marketing track or related program.
  2. People skills and positive communication skills.
  3. Exceptional organizational skills. 
  4. Commitment of a minimum of 3 days per week (dates flexible).
  5. Commitment of 100-120 hours (or more if dictated by University credit).
  6. Transportation to Mission's business office (616 Water Street, Baltimore). 

Mission Intern Benefits

  1. Paid parking (if applicable) 
  2. University credit (if applicable) 
  3. Fulfill all evaluation forms as needed for University credit (if applicable) 

Note: This job description is subject to review and revision. Any revisions will be discussed with the intern.

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