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Employee Spotlight: Nicole Baxter

September 30, 2014

Position: Digital Marketing Manager, AKA The Baxter Factor

Start Date: July 8, 2013

Fave book or film: A Song of Fire and Ice series, Born to Run, or anything by Barbara Kingsolver.

Favorite Website: Does Google count? Not a website, but I just subscribed to theSkimm daily email newsletter. Fresh and funny news of the day is sent to my inbox every morning; it's pretty great.

Strangest thing I've seen in Baltimore: My dog, Abby. She's pretty strange looking. Or, the Kinetic Sculpture Race as everyone makes their way around the city.

Hidden talent: Running a marathon without (really) training. Not actually a hidden talent, but I am about to do that on October 18th. So, I'll soon find out if it's a hidden talent!

On a Saturday night I am: Hopefully at the beach in the summer time. But, if not, I'm likely around the Federal Hill area. AKA #fedchill, which is a hashtag I have so far been unsuccessful in making happen.