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Employee Spotlight: Katie Venezia

April 2, 2014

Position: Digital Traffic Manager

Start Date: May 6, 2013

Fav book or film: Well, all of the fangirl in me wants to say the sixth Harry Potter book, The Half-Blood Prince, but I truly love Shakespeare. I would go with Hamlet (yes, I know it's a play not a book but... comes in book form!) because who doesn't love a little bit of family drama? Move over, Real Housewives.

Favorite Website: As a portrait and wedding photographer, I am obsessed with StyleMePretty. Helps keep me motivated to improve and build upon my style. Also, I think I secretly want to be a wedding planner.

Strangest thing: People who do not like music, at all. Does not compute.

Hidden talent: I can listen to "Drunk In Love" by Beyonce on repeat for weeks and not get sick of it.

On a Saturday night I am: Doing one of the following things - sleeping, screaming at my TV while watching hockey, drinking gin, snuggling my cats, yelling at people over Xbox Live (I like to yell a lot), or pretending I am still in college and hitting the bars.

Katie Venezia

Project Manager

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